The Weight Of Water:
The Cost of Energy in Borneo

The Weight of Water Trailer from N. S. Wynn on Vimeo.

Green Empowerment and Portland State’s Honors College are hosting the second screening of The Weight of Water: The Cost of Energy in Borneo, a documentary produced by Portland filmmaker Nathaniel Suryo Wynn. Wynn’s documentary highlights indigenous voices of Malaysian Borneo whose homes, ancestral lands and ways of life have been destroyed or are currently under threat from the construction of megadams. The film hopes to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of megadams while promoting alternative solutions to the dams.

Wynn joined his brother, Gabe Wynn in Borneo for 6 months in 2015 to capture the individual stories and images from the impacted areas. Gabe, the Asia Regional Director of Green Empowerment, has lived in Borneo for 6 years working with local partners to install microhydro systems in rural indigenous communities, develop community associations that own and operate the systems and protect the surrounding watersheds.

Date & Time: Sunday, March 19th 3:00pm

Location: 5th Avenue Cinema, 510 SW Hall St, Portland, OR 97201