Webinar Registration: Open Source for Village Solutions


Thursday, July 23rd, 6pm - 7pm PDT

Hosted by: Daniel Frydman, Electronic Design Engineer, and Gabriel Wynn, Asia Regional Advisor

Webinar Content:

  • Learn more about our open source initiative to improve the reliability and efficacy of community owned and operated micro-grids.
  • Hear about past success with our open source Electronic Load Controller (ELC).
  • Speak directly with program staff spearheading this project.
  • Give direct feedback to program leaders from your perspective as an industry professional.

Project Scope:

Working with regional partners in the Philippines and Malaysian Borneo, Green Empowerment plans to expand its current open source initiative to create two new pieces of technology:

  • The first will communicate between the point of power generation and people’s homes so that community members have the ability to match usage with availability.
  • The second will allow home appliances to be automatically responsive to the power supply.

These two innovations together will minimize power outages during peak-use hours and allow for excess energy (generated in off-peak hours) to be put to use.  In addition to increasing reliability of micro-grids, the open source nature of this technology will allow for more affordable grid construction and maintenance.