As of summer 2020 we are officially expanding our programs into Uganda!


Green Empowerment  has been working with The Power Partnership as a founding member since 2018 to support non-governmental and faith-based organizations integrate renewable energy into their operations. Together we created a set of assessment and analysis tools for bringing renewable energy into education, healthcare, and agricultural sectors. Green Empowerment is now leading the way as the Power Partnership prepares to put these resources into action through a pilot project in Uganda.

As of 2018, only 43% of Ugandans had access to electricity (IRENA: Energy Progress Report). At the same time Uganda has a strong network of NGOs actively working to provide critical services and a regulatory environment that is supportive of renewable energy, all signs that point to successful project implementation.

Our work in Uganda will build off of our 20+ years of experience implementing renewable energy projects, and will mirror our successful partnership models in Peru and Myanmar, where we have been working with local partners to electrify rural health clinics

Next Steps

 In 2020 we launched an app for remote data collection so that community service providers can understand their energy needs without having technical expertise. After deploying the application with Medical Teams International (Medical Teams), we are now helping them to prioritize projects and design appropriate solutions for their clinics.

Medical Teams has been providing healthcare to displaced people and refugees in Uganda since 2004. Energy for health clinics is essential in providing high quality medical care, whether it’s for refrigerating vaccines, providing sufficient light for nighttime care, powering vital medical equipment, or allowing for swift communication with a central office.

Looking Forward

This exciting work is made possible by All People Be Happy Foundation, which awarded Green Empowerment a three year Challenge Grant to support program expansion into Uganda. With this generous grant we will help the Power Partnership bring renewable energy to healthcare and other service sectors as well as seek additional partnership opportunities.

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Energy for Health Clinics Around the World

Cajamarca, Peru

We have worked with regional partners in Peru to provide energy access to remote health clinics since 2012. From vaccine refrigeration, to adequate lighting for night time care, to connecting to the national  healthcare system database, access to electricity is critical for high quality care.

In 2018 and 2019 we worked with Practical Action Peru to install solar panels and passive solar water heaters in rural clinics in the Cajamarca region. Seeing first hand the effectiveness of off-grid solar energy systems, the ministry of health in Peru is adopting this model and planning to replicate it in rural clinics across the country.


Along the war torn border of Thailand and Myanmar, the Border Green Energy Team (BGET) brings solar energy to remote health clinics serving displaced Karen people. Off-grid energy systems are key for these extremely remote, sometimes hidden clinics which help refugees and victims of conflict manage displacement, injuries from landmine explosions, and addiction in addition to basic healthcare needs.

Green Empowerment has been proud to parter with BGET since 2006. In 2019 we laid the groundwork to install solar energy systems in five more clinics and train healthcare workers in system maintenance.