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Project DesignTrainings

Project Design

  • PVPal

    This toolkit is a free excel based software for designing off-grid solar PV systems for residential and small community scale power systems.

  • Open Source development of Electronic Load Controller (ELC) for Micro Hydro Power (MHP) systems

  • Tubular Biogas Digester Manual

    This manual aims to present a simple method to design a low-cost domestic scale biodigester. It is designed to teach implementers on the design and implementation of tubular biodigesters. The design guide initially presents concepts that should be taken into account when designing a tubular biogas digester, then goes into design parameters, materials needed for construction, systematic installation and finally design examples.


  • Video tutorial for designing off-grid solar PV systems with Green Empowerment's toolkit

    This YouTube playlist contains four videos that walks you through designing an off-grid solar PV system using the toolkit developed by Green Empowerment.

  • Training tool for electricity load management in micro hydro power systems

    MHP Toolkit is the knowledge exchange tool developed to help village stakeholders to understand how MHP system works and its components. This toolkit designed to simulate the load pattern, show the function of the load controller and also step by step guide for troubleshooting.

  • Tubular Biogas Digester Technician Training

    This tool is a set of slides for training practitioners on tubular biogas digester design and implementation. This tool compliments the Tubular Biogas Digester Manual.