Green Empowerment’s Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals who specialize in water, sanitation and renewable energy.  Their role is to support our projects and partners by providing a wide-range of voluntary technical expertise, skill and perspective to advance our mission.


Featured Photo: Former Technical Manager, Elise Kittrell, working with Technical Advisory Committee member and former Technical Director, Michel Maupoux, on a solar panel installation training.

Andy Szatkowski

Since 1990, Andy Szatkowski has spent about half of his career living in six African countries working on rural and urban water and sanitation projects. Working for governmental and nongovernmental organizations and private sector consulting firms, Andy obtained practical experience with participatory, community-based approaches and with the full range of water and sanitation technologies used in Southern, Eastern and Western Africa. Andy currently works as a Senior Engineer for Murraysmith, a full-service civil engineering consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon, focusing on planning and design for water supply, treatment, distribution and wastewater conveyance for public sector clients in the Pacific Northwest.


Barbara Pizacani, PhD MPH

Barbara Pizacani has over 30 years experience in public health. She has a doctoral degree in epidemiology and has clinical background in public health nursing. She has worked in maternal-child health in inner cities as well as in refugee camps on the Thai-Cambodian border, in south Lebanon and the Gaza strip. She currently consults with both the Oregon Public Health Divison and Multnomah County Health Department in program evaluation and applied public health research. She is originally from New York City, but has lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for most of her life.


Caitlyn Peake

Caitlyn joined Green Empowerment in 2009 as a Program Fellow in Nicaragua, where she supported project expansion and implementation. After eight years abroad, she relocated to Portland to serve as Program Director from 2018-2022. In this role, Caitlyn supported staff and partners in both Latin America and Southeast Asia to provide access to clean water and renewable energy. She is passionate about improving rural livelihood opportunities and eliminating barriers to collaboration in the international development sector. Now, she is using her years of experience in international work to serve as an as an Environmental Compliance Officer with the State of Oregon to focus on local, technical work.


Chris Baker

A graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology’s Renewable Energy Engineering program and current Substation EIT II at HDR Engineering, Chris has extensive experience in renewable energy and substation design. Having organized numerous domestic and international engineering projects, Chris’s knowledge and technical skill are an unparalleled asset to progressing Twende’s mission of electrifying energy-poor communities worldwide.


Daniel M. Kammen

Dr. Daniel M. Kammen is a Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, with parallel appointments in the Energy and Resources Group where he serves as Chair, the Goldman School of Public Policy where he directs the Center for Environmental Policy, and the department of Nuclear Engineering. Kammen is the founding director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL;, and was Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center from 2007 – 2015.

He was appointed by then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in April 2010 as the first energy fellow of the Environment and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA) initiative. He began service as the Science Envoy for U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry in 2016, but resigned over President Trump’s policies in August, 2017. He has served the State of California and US federal government in expert and advisory capacities, including time at the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy, the Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dr. Kammen was educated in physics at Cornell (BA 1984) and Harvard (MA 1986; PhD 1988), and held postdoctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology and Harvard. For more information about Dr. Kammen’s experience, please click here.


Dexter Gauntlett

Dexter has worked for more than a decade at the nexus of clean energy and international development, in the U.S. and overseas, in the private and non-profit sectors. Over the last several years, he has supported Green Empowerment by developing new partnerships and designing new programs. He looks forward to advancing Green Empowerment’s mission through service on the Technical Advisory Committee.


Elise Kittrell

Elise Kittrell formerly served as Green Empowerment Technical Manager, as well as Peru and Bolivia Program Lead, bringing both engineering skills and rural community development experience to the table. In her role, Elise ensured the technical quality of our organization’s renewable energy and clean water systems, while supporting partners’ capacity to design, implement and sustain projects. Before joining Green Empowerment, Elise served as a water, sanitation and hygiene volunteer in the Peace Corps in Peru. She now serves as an Environmental Engineer at PBS Environmental and Engineering in Portland, Oregon.


Jeff Hammarlund

Jeff Hammarlund, is an adjunct associate professor and senior research fellow at Portland State University’s College of Urban and Public Affairs and its Center for Public Service. A former guest scholar at the Brookings Institution, Jeff is the author of The Political Economy of Energy Policy and other academic and professional publications. Previous positions include serving as a former senior policy analyst and manager at a major Northwest utility trade association (Public Power Council), professional staff member with the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, senior advisor to the US Department of Energy, senior manager and policy advisor at Southern California Edison, and Residential Division Director at PECI, Inc.

Jeff is currently the president of a small consulting firm, Northwest Energy and Environmental Strategies. He has served as an advisor to President Obama and other national leaders on the smart grid and clean energy, and played a major role in creating and securing federal funding for the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy. For more information on Jeff Hammarlund, please click here.


Jordan Weisman

Jordan’s exposure to the world of solar electric started when he interned at Solar Energy International (SEI). His passion and excitement for solar energy began while he was working hands-on during one of SEI’s workshops to provide off-grid power for a farmer in Costa Rica. After spending four years as a lead installer, electrical apprentice, and solar designer, Jordan decided the time was right to found his own business in the Portland Metro. Jordan is the owner of Sunbridge Solar. He also sits on the board of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA). Jordan’s passion for solar energy and international development continue as Sunbridge Solar develops local and international solar humanitarian projects every year.


Koto Kishida

Koto joined Green Empowerment first in 2016 as a volunteer in Borneo during a sabbatical from her long-term employment as a Natural Resource Specialist with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. As a volunteer she developed a watershed monitoring program in Borneo with local partners and communities. In 2017, Koto joined Green Empowerment for a two-year position as our Malaysia Program Manager. In that role, she supported our local partners, TONIBUNG and PACOS Trust, in implementing renewable energy projects and identified new opportunities to bring sustainable agriculture and economic development to the region.

Koto is deeply committed to equity and social justice and is an expert at integrating these into natural resource management, always putting communities first whether in Oregon or Borneo.

Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall is a Water Resources Engineer and Oregon State Registered Professional Civil Engineer, specializing in river work, with six years of experience in the industry. She has a wide variety of project experience which includes: natural systems design, fish passage, dam removal, hydraulic modeling, and storm water work. Lisa has been volunteering with Green Empowerment since 2014, when she first attended a service-learning trip to Nicaragua where she helped install solar panels on the home-scale, as well as a solar irrigation system. In 2018, Lisa stepped away from her work in Oregon as an engineering consultant to join ranks with Green Empowerment and their local partner Soluciones Practicas in Bolivia for one year. In Bolivia, she worked on potable water projects, decentralized wastewater treatment systems, grant proposals, as well as technical trainings for local water practitioners in the Bolivian Amazon.


Michel Maupoux

Michel Maupoux grew up and got his first Mechanical Engineering degree in France, and has extensive work & travel experience in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and SE Asia. In the US, he was a research assistant in the Solar Energy Applications Lab of Colorado State University at Fort Collins, CO, where he wrote his MS-ME thesis on solar grain drying in 1981. He then worked 22 years at Hewlett-Packard, in engineering, marketing, service & support, engineering management, and environmental programs, in the USA and Europe.

With Green Empowerment in 2006 through 2015, Michel has provided design and installation of village-scale solar water pumping systems in Nicaragua and the Philippines, and of community solar electrification in Peru and Ecuador. He has coached and taught workshops to a variety of audiences, on various types of renewable electrification systems including micro-hydro, photovoltaic, and wind, and on water pumping using solar PV or ram pumps for remote communities.  He has taught and moderated workshops and symposia in Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the USA, in English and in Spanish.  He has also written a white paper on small scale wind energy for the Wuppertal Institute’s WISIONS program, and lead Green Empowerment’s micro-hydro energy curriculum development for the USAID-funded Vocational Technical Education (Voctec) program.   Within the Voctec program, he taught two policy-makers level workshops, one in Fiji on micro-hydro in 2014, and the other in Nepal on wind energy in 2015.

Mike Stangl

More information coming soon!


Nathan Stormzand

Nathan Stormzand is a Civil Engineer with over 15 years of broad experience in water, stormwater, sanitation, and environmental engineering in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan (2005) and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Panama 2012-2014). Now based out of Portland, Nathan is a Water Resource Engineer and Project Manager for Lotus Water.


Narasimha Kumar

Narasimha Kumar has led software and system development, and had been a technical lead, team lead, senior manager for over 36 years at Intel corp.  He has designed and implemented real-time low-latency multi-tasking embedded kernel for Intel processor architecture in loosely-couple multi-processor systems. In addition, he has lead multiple projects such as video conferencing over digital PBX ISDN, low latency low cost wireless PC adjacent wireless appliances, integration of 3G (and cellular modems), digital TV (especially DVB-T, the European Standard) into the PC platforms, development of standards (Miracast) and implementation of wireless video/audio streaming to TV from PC clients. Kumar has worked closely with OS, Cellular, TV vendors in bringing the ideas and products to market.  Kumar has received two Intel Individual Achievement Awards and has been awarded a key US patent for describing methods to implement virtual machines that would allow multiple OS stacks to run simultaneously on a single machine. Kumar obtained his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (India), and MS in Computer Science from University of Texas At Arlington, Texas.

Currently, Kumar is working with Green Empowerment as an Encore Fellow to define the acceptable metrics, measurement techniques and mitigation for water quality for the developing world.  He is also working on renewable energy proposals, such as Micro Hydro Dams, and Ram Pumps for rural electrification in the developing world. Kumar is also working on identifying and optimizing algorithms for Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Imaging, a tool used in cancer diagnosis and research.


Nordica MacCarty

Dr. Nordica MacCarty is an Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University where she is working to build the interdisciplinary, context-based humanitarian engineering program. Her research is focused on understanding the relationships between energy, technology, and society through application of integrated systems modeling, sensor-based monitoring, user-centered design, and thermal fluid sciences. Dr. MacCarty has an extensive history of publications, international collaboration, and field experience due to her nearly 20 year background in the design and monitoring of biomass cookstoves. Her current projects include exploring the intentions and behaviors surrounding user adoption of sustainable technologies, development of an IoT sensor system to quantify adoption rates and impacts of biomass cookstoves in rural developing households, and design and testing of a high-efficiency biomass powered water pasteurization system. She received her Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University in 2015, where she studied under a graduate research fellowship from the US National Science Foundation. She currently serves as Associate Editor for the journal “Energy for Sustainable Development” and chair of the ASME IDETC “Design for the Developing World” symposium.


Richard Koehler

Richard Koehler is the founder of FOLK, a Portland based company that designs and builds thoughtful and well-crafted furniture, lighting and goods. Whether it’s a quality crafted dining table or an improved cookstove, he believes Design Thinking is a powerful tool in tackling some of the many problems around poverty. He first worked with Green Empowerment designing and implementing improved cookstoves in rural Nicaragua.


Steve Meicke

Steve Meicke is a licensed professional mechanical engineer with expertise in design, troubleshooting, testing, and construction of large and small hydroelectric facilities. He has been volunteering with Green Empowerment since 2014 when he first volunteered in Nicaragua installing small home solar lighting systems, solar irrigation systems, and upgrades to controls at a small hydroelectric facility. In 2018, Steve took a hiatus from engineering consulting to work with Green Empowerment and their local partner Soluciones Practicas for one year developing clean drinking water projects, simple wastewater solutions, and providing technical training to local water practitioners in the Bolivian Amazon.