UPDATE: We are currently not scheduling any service learning trips due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Our Approach

Since 2008, Green Empowerment has created opportunities for groups and individuals to learn about sustainable development through unique, hands on trips designed to advance our projects in Ecuador, Malaysian Borneo, Nicaragua and the Philippines. By volunteering on these service learning trips with us, you will transform daily life for rural communities around the world while exploring a new place, immersing yourself in a different culture, building new skills and learning how to work in a collaborative, multicultural environment. Your efforts will make a lasting difference because in addition to project implementation, local capacity building and partnership are key to our approach.

Green Empowerment works with volunteers to design trips that meet communities needs and match your own distinct interests. Trip fees cover all in-country expenses and the time and support of Green Empowerment staff. Please keep in mind that while we wish we could find placements for all volunteers that wish to support our projects abroad, we are a small nonprofit and only have a limited number of opportunities at any given time.

Ready to take the next step?

“When the pump turned on and the water started pumping up the hill, it was a fantastic feeling to know that soon, the women and girls of the village would no longer need to spend multiple hours a day collecting water from the well. They could simply turn on the tap. Those hours that were once used to collect water can now be reallocated to other useful purposes, like education. The quality of anyone’s life can only be improved when clean water is no longer a daily issue.” – A Service-Learner from HDR, Inc.

Plan Your Trip

The most active and hands-on way to support our work is to pack your bags and volunteer alongside our local partners around the world. We invite both individuals and organizations to help advance our projects.


Serve for 3-12 months with one of our partners in Nicaragua, Ecuador or Malaysian Borneo.

Share your unique skills and work directly with local communities and exchange knowledge.

Immerse yourself in local culture while expanding building new technical and interpersonal skills.

Average fees for 3 month placement are $2,000. 


Recruit 10-15 volunteers through your employer, university or community group.

Spend 1.5-3 weeks helping to advance projects with the communities that benefit from them.

Discover the dynamics, opportunities, challenges and rewards of international development work.

Share knowledge and build friendship with locals, staff and fellow volunteers.