About the Project

Green Empowerment is partnering with Innova Solar Colombia, Klimaforum Latinoamérica Network (KLN) and the Municipality of Providencia to install a 75.2 kWp floating solar PV system for the Island of Providencia, Colombia. The floating PV system will meet 100% of the current energy demand of the municipal water system, dramatically reducing operational costs for the island and significantly reducing the effects of CO2 in this protected region by displacing current diesel generators. The potential environmental impact is noteworthy due to the fact that the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by the Man and Biosphere (MAB) program of UNESCO in 2000, under the name Seaflower. In addition to the installation of the system, partners will provide on-site technical training and knowledge transfer for the long-term operation and maintenance of the system. Partners will also help the municipality develop a climate action plan to support the island’s resiliency for years to come.

About the Installation

The installation of a 75.2 kWp floating solar PV plant on the Fresh Water Bay reservoir, on the island of Providencia, Colombia has two objectives: to increase energy supply and to partially replace the existing source of energy generation (currently diesel) for the Municipal aqueduct, which provides the population with clean water.

Ciel et Terre (C&T) has been fully devoted to floating solar PV since 2011. The French company developed Hydrelio®, the first specific and industrialized system to make solar panels float on water, with criteria such as cost-effectiveness, safety, longevity, resistance to winds and waves, simplicity, drinking water compliance and optimized electrical yield.

C&T will be responsible for the design of the project and will participate in the installation of the project alongside partners, who will look to work with, employ and transfer knowledge to the Municipality.


The archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina is one of Colombia’s many natural treasures and it is home to the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, which was declared a member of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program in 2000. At this time, the Island of Providencia, like many islands, is nearly 100% dependent on imported fossil fuels.


Partners are currently fundraising for 50% of the $336,000 project budget after securing $168,000 in support from the Swedish Agency for Development Cooperation. Support this important infrastructure project to bring clean energy and energy independence to a critical UNESCO site!

You may donate online by clicking the button below, or by mailing a check to Green Empowerment at 140 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97204.


Green Empowerment is dedicated to spreading best practices and the use of appropriate technologies to help communities meet their energy and water needs.

This is an exciting opportunity for Green Empowerment to share our experience with capacity building and knowledge transfer to help ensure this project achieves its desired impact and sustains for years to come.