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ZPRYME NOW: Interview with Executive Director Andrea Johnson, discussing the global transition to clean energy and how to shift focus from individual wealthy customers to creating a more inclusive approach with a broad base and systemic change.

September 2020

IrenesSonwithFreezer Microgrid KnowledgeOpen Source Tech Improves Microgrids inSoutheast Asia
by Lisa Cohn
“Villagers turning on just a few too many appliances can spark problems, and micro-hydro operators might have to work in pitch black to reconnect breakers. Micro-hydro systems need some kind of control system to balance the generated energy with demand. While this can happen manually, another option is…”  read more

July 31, 2020

GEBorneo_MicroHydro Diagram cropped ZprymeThe Evolution of a Good Idea: Smart Grids for Small Grids
by Slok Gyawali
“Years before Green Empowerment’s Open Source campaign to design smarter more reliable microgrids, partner engineers were tinkering with circuits to make thetechnology work. Working across vast geographic differences such as Malaysia, thePhilippines, Italy, and the UK, engineers collaborated to solve load distribution problems…” read more

August 6, 2020

From the Archives

ATDER-BL Article

IEEE Spectrum: How Nicaraguan Villagers Built Their Own Electric Grid

by Lucas Laursen

Profile of ATDER-BL, Green Empowerment’s first and longest standing regional partner.  ATDER-BL’s approach and impact are a testament to the power of developing local expertise and cultivating community engagement.  The article celebrates Ben Linder’s life and provides a detail look at the work that inspired activists here in Portland Oregon to found Green Empowerment.    Read the article… April 2015