The Challenge

Peru is home to world-renowned cultural landmarks such as Machu Picchu, natural wonders such as the Amazon Rainforest, and an abundance of natural resources. Despite this profusion of cultural and natural wealth, much of Peru’s rural population struggles from a lack of access to clean water, energy, and basic sanitation . Only 66% of Peru’s rural population, a largely indigenous body, have access to safe drinking water; only 38% have access to safe and environmentally-friendly sanitation systems. Furthermore, 31% of Peruvian households still use wood or other biomass as cooking fuel, much of which is burned in unventilated spaces. As a consequence of these conditions, water-borne, sanitation-related and respiratory illnesses are endemic.

Our Approach

Green Empowerment has been working in Peru since 2005 to increase access to renewable energy, clean  water, and sanitation infrastructure, and to improve health and hygiene. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with local partners, we have contributed to a variety of projects including the installation of small wind turbines and the implementation and knowledge transfer of biosand water filter technology. Most importantly, our staff provides continued monitoring and technical support of project installations, which leads to greater project sustainability. We are currently working with two partners, Practical Action (Solucionas Prácticas) and Desea Perú, to improve the quality of life and the health outcomes of project beneficiaries through access to renewable energy, biosand filters, composting latrines, improved cookstoves and the training of community health workers.


2018 Highlights

  • In partnership with Practical Action Peru, we brought solar energy to 3 clinics in the highlands, benefiting over 5,000 people.

  • We also installed 2,000 improved cook stoves in households in the North and South.

News from Peru

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