Technical Advisory Committee

Green Empowerment’s Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals who specialize in water, sanitation and renewable energy. Their role is to support our projects and partners by providing a wide-range of voluntary technical expertise, skill and perspective to advance our mission.
Andy Szatkowski
Andy has spent 30 years working on rural and urban water and sanitation projects with participatory, community-based solutions in Africa.

Andy currently works as a Senior Engineer for Murraysmith, a full-service civil engineering consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon.

Barbara Pizacani, PhD MPH
Barbara has a doctoral degree in epidemiology and a 30-year clinical background in public health nursing.

Barbara currently consults with both the Oregon Public Health Divison and Multnomah County Health Department in program evaluation and applied public health research.

Caitlyn Peake
Caitlyn joined Green Empowerment in 2009 as a Program Fellow in Nicaragua, and moved on to serve as Program Director from 2018-2022.

Now, she is using her experience to serve as an as an Environmental Compliance Officer with the State of Oregon to focus on local, technical work.

Chris Baker
Chris is a graduate of Oregon Institute of Technology’s Renewable Energy Engineering program and current Substation EIT II at HDR Engineering.

Chris brings extensive experience in renewable energy and substation design to progressing Twende’s mission of electrifying energy-poor communities worldwide.

Daniel M. Kammen
Dr. Kammen is a Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as Chair of the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Dr. Kammen is the founding director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, and has advised both the State of California and U.S. federal government. 

Dexter Gauntlett
Dexter has worked for more than a decade at the nexus of clean energy and international development in the private and non-profit sectors.

Dexter has supported Green Empowerment by developing new partnerships and designing new programs. He looks forward to serving on the Technical Advisory Committee.

Elise Kittrell
Elise serves as an Environmental Engineer at PBS Environmental and Engineering in Portland, Oregon.

Elise has worked Green Empowerment as both Technical Manager and Peru and Bolivia Program Lead, channeling engineering expertise and rural community development experience.

Jeff Hammarlund
Jeff is an adjunct associate professor and senior research fellow at Portland State University’s College of Urban and Public Affairs.

Jeff presides over Northwest Energy and Environmental Strategies, a consulting firm that allows him to share his economic expertise with the public sector. 

Koto Kishida
Koto joined Green Empowerment following her role as Natural Resource Specialist with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

As our Malaysia Program Manager, Koto supports local partners TONIBUNG and PACOS Trust with renewable energy project implementation, and regional economic development.

Lisa Hall
Lisa is a Water Resources Engineer and Oregon State Registered Professional Civil Engineer with six years of experience in the industry.

Lisa has been volunteering with Green Empowerment since 2014, and specializes in river work, with project experience in fish passage, dam removal, hydraulic modeling, etc.

Michel Maupoux
Michel is a mechanical engineer with expansive international experience in renewable electrification systems.

He served 22 years at Hewlett-Packard, and now teaches and moderates workshops on design and installation of village solar water pump systems and electricity. 

Mike Stangl
More information coming soon!
Nathan Stormzand
Nathan is a Civil Engineer with over 15 years of extensive experience in water, stormwater, sanitation, and environmental engineering.

Nathan is a graduate of the University of Michigan (2005) and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Panama 2012-2014).

Narasimha Kumar
Narasimha Kumar has had an extensive 36-year career in software and systems development with Intel Corp.

Narasimha joined Green Empowerment as an Encore Fellow to define acceptable metrics, measurement techniques and mitigation for water quality for the developing world. 

Nordica MacCarty
Dr. MacCarty is an Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University where she is building the engineering program.

Dr. MacCarty holds a 20-year background in the design and monitoring of biomass cookstoves, and has had her research extensively published.

Steve Meicke
Steve Meicke is a licensed professional mechanical engineer with expertise in large and small hydroelectric facilities.

Steve has been volunteering with Green Empowerment since 2014. Notably, in 2018, Steve spent a year with partner Soluciones Practicas to develop clean drinking water projects.