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Ripples of Change: Establishing a Water Committee in Nyakable

The election of the water committee in Nyakabale, Uganda was set for the morning. At the agreed upon time, roughly 40 community members arrived. Of those present, only two were ...
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Advancing Gender Equality: Progress in Latin America’s Water & Sanitation Sector

“We women bring an enriching perspective to the environmental discussions, considering that we often have differentiated experiences in relation to environmental impacts." - Paola Moreno Bermúdez, Green Empowerment Colombia Program ...
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Ecuador to Uganda: What I want to bring back with me

By: Osbert Atiwjukye, Africa Program Director, Green Empowerment As Green Empowerment’s Africa Program Director, this November, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Ecuador to learn more about Green ...
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Working Together Across Ethnic Divisions

By: Sebastián Salgado Troya, Latin America Program Director, Green Empowerment Working for a shared goal is a powerful way to come together despite our differences. As we approach Christmas and ...
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Supportive Environments for Community Management to Thrive

By: Mica Miro, Engagement Manager, Green Empowerment Is it realistic for a water committee of local citizens to manage a water system in perpetuity without outside support? What if the ...
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Buzz-worthy Solar Success: Empowering Honey Farmers in Uganda

By: Julia Einaudi, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment Picture this: bee farmers in the Terego district, with honey sales as a significant source of income, facing hurdles such as a ...
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