SE Asia


After learning about our work in Nicaragua, indigenous leaders in Mindanao, the Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia invited us to share our experiences, initiating long-time partnerships in those countries which positioned us to expand our work into Myanmar and Indonesia.

Our focus in the region is on rural electrification projects. We work with partners both to build community-scale micro-utilities and to affect governmental energy planning. This advocacy helps to ensure that remote communities have access to clean energy aligned with their values, land protections and aspirations. In addition, our holistic approach in the region includes innovating new micro-grid technology and integrating watershed conservation into projects.



20 Years of Partnership in The Philippines

Partnership is at the core of Green Empowerment’s mission. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are looking back on some of our longest-standing partnerships in the Philippines, lasting 20 ...
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Mutual Aid in Myanmar: Solar Power For Emergency Response

In mutual aid systems, people work together to meet the needs of their community. This is different from a charity, which features a one-way relationship between an organization and recipients, ...
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