Latin America


Our work started in Nicaragua in 1997 with partner ATDER-BL

From this first partnership we have made connections across the region and are now active in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia as well. Our initial work in the region focused on community-owned and operated micro-hydro systems - which are still active today!

Happily in the last two decades Latin America has seen huge success in advancing energy access, so our work with partners has shifted. Today, we focus on community-scale water projects as well as tackling electrification for dispersed rural communities that have been left behind.



Working Together Across Ethnic Divisions

By: Sebastián Salgado Troya, Latin America Program Director, Green Empowerment Working for a shared goal is a powerful way to come together despite our differences. As we approach Christmas and ...
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Supportive Environments for Community Management to Thrive

By: Mica Miro, Engagement Manager, Green Empowerment Is it realistic for a water committee of local citizens to manage a water system in perpetuity without outside support? What if the ...
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