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Our work brings foundational resources directly to people's homes, health centers, and schools through infrastructure built and maintained by community members themselves.


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In summer 2021 we conducted an in-depth 27-site program evaluation of energy and water projects that we installed with partners between 2009 and 2019. We were thrilled to find that 97% of the 27 sites are still fully operational.

Read more about our impact evaluation here.


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Expanding our work on the Río Cayapas in Ecuador! 🙌

In Playa Grande, community members are nearly done with their 2km pipeline for their gravity-fed water system. Playa Grande is the 13th community we`ve partnered with along this river, with @altropico_ec

Following our micro-utility model, the project includes:

🏠 Household connections
🚿 Water meters
🧼 WASH training

Clean water for:
🏘️ 77 households
🏫 2 schools
🏥 1 clinic

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This piped water system, serving over 4,000 people across six villages marks our first collaboration with @thewatertrust 🙌

Throughout the planning and implementation process, we have been deeply impressed with their community organizing model and commitment to long-term sustainability.

Looking forward to more work ahead!

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Greetings from Uganda! 👋 Mica here, ready to share some amazing facts about Lake Victoria.

Join us on an exciting virtual tour as she visits Green Empowerment projects with our incredible team: Osbert Atwijukye, Africa Program Director, Benaville Nagudi, Uganda Program Coordinator, and Olivia Nanfuka, Energy Analyst.

#Uganda #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopment

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POP QUIZ! 🔍🧠 Do you remember what a Minga is? 🤔

Armando Mina Orovio, a community member in Playa Grande, Rio Cayapas, Ecuador mentions mingas in his video.

In Playa Grande, community members have dug trenches and laid pipes through the community and are almost done with the 2km pipe bringing water from a creek in the mountains for this gravity-fed system.

Together with our partner @altropico_ec, Playa Grande is the 13th community that we have collaborated with on this section of the river.

#WaterAndSanitation #CommunityLedDevelopment #Ecuador


ANSWER: A minga is a traditional way that communities in Ecuador come together to volunteer their time and labor in order to accomplish communal tasks.

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What does a community-based management approach look like in the water sector?

Pictured above, a Self-Help Group (SHG) in Nyakabale, Uganda, counts the proceeds from their solar piped-water system. They manage one public standpost (PSP), part of 7 others under Self-Help Group care. The entire system is managed by a local water board of community members, elected by their neighbors.

📽️🎞️ Watch how community-driven change unfolds in Nyakabale in our new documentary, Force of Water. Check for a screening near you: 🔗 in bio.

#CommunityEmpowerment #Nyakabale #SustainableDevelopment #ForceOfWater | Made in partnership with: @thewatertrust @altropico_ec Nathan.Works; Vatheuer Family Foundation.

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📽️ María Espinoza, Green Empowerment Nicaragua Program Coordinator, sheds light on the challenges faced by communities with aging infrastructure.

This week, we held a workshop in Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia, with our partners at Fundación Halü and Fundación Suyusama, along with representatives from six local community water systems.

🛠️💡 During the workshop, we collaborated to estimate the basic costs involved in upgrading water systems and engaged in discussions about sustainability, utilizing a methodology that Green Empowerment has successfully implemented in Ecuador and Nicaragua. These communities, whose water systems were built over 30 years ago, are currently exploring upgrades, treatment options, and strategies for maintaining long-term ownership and sustainability.

#CommunityLedDevelopment #Colombia #WASHTechnology

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Our partner #ASATECUNDI took our team to visit the intake for one of their water micro-utilities in Colombia. That`s right - this small mountain stream supplies water for 170 people in the community of Manantial! 🏔️💧

#Colombia #WaterAndSanitation #SustainableSolutions

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