Nicaragua Takeover: The Technology


GE installs a number of different technologies through our Boaco program. My personal favorites are our residential solar installations.Day 3 Option IThese systems have immediate effects for the recipient families, as they bring newfound light into people’s lives as soon as they’re installed. In this photo, I’m finishing a solar installation on the roof of my homestay’s house.The little girl with me is Alba Diana, and with her avid interest in our installations so far, I’m hoping she’ll become a shining example of female technicians in her local area.Day 3 Option IIThe first project through GE’s Boaco program was a solar-powered water pump in the community of El Balsamo. It pumped water into the homes of the community members for the first time ever.Here, AsoFenix’s lead engineer, Gustavo Reyes, checks on the performance of the solar water system to make sure it is performing at the optimal level. So thankful for the help of our awesome partner staff out here in the field!- Kirsten MiduraPhotos by Midura Travels


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