About the Project

Green Empowerment is partnering with Light4Education and FUCAI to install a 1.1 kWp solar PV system for the Orropsco school in La Guajira, Colombia. The system will provide energy to the school, with this they will get the following benefits: Improving technology information in the classroom, enhanced staff retention and teacher training, better school performance based on attendance, completion rates and co-benefits such as improved sanitation and health, and community resilience.

About the Installation

The installation of a 1.1 kWp solar PV system in the Orropsco school, La Guajira, Colombia has two objectives: improve the education for the children and provide energy to the school. They will be able to use 20 computers, a fridge, 4 cellphone chargers and 6 LED light bulbs.

In addition to Green Empowerment, we are grateful to Sunbridge Solar who is providing addition technical support for the arrangement and operation of the system. The image below shows the components.


Orropsco school is located in La Guajira, Colombia. This school belongs to the Wayuu community, one of the largest indigenous community in Colombia. The school has 80 students and it runs without any source of electricity, hence they struggle everyday with academic and other different activities.


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