Join us in building resilience.

Written by Latin America Regional Director, Caitlyn Peake

Dear friends,

It’s easy to feel disheartened when stories of conflict, poverty and displacement dominate the news. When headlines fill us with fear and uncertainty, it can be difficult to know how to take action. At Green Empowerment, I work with people who dare to act and persevere despite the challenges they face – from political unrest in Nicaragua to violence along the Ecuador-Colombia border to extreme climate events in the Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia. This summer, I experienced one of these challenges firsthand in Nicaragua. When protests turned violent confining me to my home in Managua, my phone was my only connection to our partners and communities. When blockades prevented people and resources from reaching rural areas, we strategized and identified safe travel routes. When the U.S. Embassy closed and other international organizations fled, we built not one, but seven new water systems. Our projects will endure – in Nicaragua and beyond – because they are driven by the very communities that benefit from them. We partner with organizations based in-country to ensure solutions are shaped by local expertise. We impart knowledge, build skills and cultivate relationships to ensure communities can sustain their projects for years to come. We experience challenges, but we find a path forward. Thanks to Green Empowerment, I know a generation of young girls in rural Nicaragua who will never miss school to spend the day collecting water. I am honored to work with such a resilient group of people – from our staff, partners and community leaders to our board and volunteers. Every day, I am impressed by the personal commitment everyone shares to making a difference. Next year our goals are ambitious, but we will continue to show up with your support.

Today, I ask that you show up too.

Donate to Green Empowerment and invest in people who are committed to making a sustainable impact. Donate if you believe in a more equitable world where all people have clean water, renewable energy and a chance to thrive. Show up because we are ready, we are resilient, but we cannot do this without you.

With gratitude,

Caitlyn Peake
Latin America Regional DirectorGreen Empowerment

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