18 Years of Green Empowerment Partnerships

At Green Empowerment, we’ve always done development a bit differently. We aren’t the only international development agency in rural communities in Latin America and Asia. And we aren’t the only agency that provides green energy and water systems for villages that are “off the grid.” However, at Green Empowerment we maintain a powerful focus on projects that have the maximum positive impact on basic human rights such as employment, health, education, personal opportunity and other indicators of a healthy society. We work to ensure that our projects are self-sufficient and sustainable, and that both men and women be actively involved in the development of their community renewable energy system. Our approach, emphasizing both appropriate technology and maximum social impact can be summed up in one, wonderful word: Partnership.For us, Partnership means that we look to local non-governmental organizations and communities to determine their own priorities and goals. Partnership means we believe in the community’s ability and right to create, manage and possess its own renewable energy systems.Our development model is not an abstraction. It is a concrete manifestation of our values – social justice, local leadership and sustainability.Here are some of the results from our focus on Partnership:ruffinaRufina, in Barangay, Philippines, nearly lost her daughter in a raging stream while fetching water on one of her daily trips to the river. Now, thanks to a ram pump and reservoir built by our partner CREST, Rufina and others in the village have fresh water just steps from their door.Yakeni, Isabel and 48 other women reduced demand for firewood through use of biogas digesters and improved cook stoves for food preparation – restoring and protecting forests.These are just two individual stories. There are so many more….In Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Thailand/Burma, and the Philippines, through Green Empowerment’s work with microhydro systems, ram pumps, solar energy, biogas production and innovative cookstove technology:unnamedOf course, none of Green Empowerment’s achievements in these rural communities would have been possible without generous financial supporters like you! In a very real sense, the Partnership at the center of Green Empowerment’s work is the link between people who want to make a betterroof life for themselves and donors who want to reach out and offer a supporting hand.We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to extend that relationship and expand your ability to make a real difference in the world.Many of you have stood beside and supported Green Empowerment from its beginning eighteen years ago. Others have learned about this work more recently, or are just now hearing about our unique way of empowering communities through appropriate, sustainable technologies. Thank you all for your interest in making a difference, differently!I invite you to use the enclosed return envelope to make your gift and deepen your Partnership with Green Empowerment and all those with whom we work. Sincerely, royce signatureMichael RoyceFounder and Board Member

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