Reuss Legacy Circle

For Generations To Come

Building clean water and energy solutions with rural and Indigenous communities will take decades — you can have an impact beyond your lifetime.

Join the Reuss Legacy Circle by including Green Empowerment in your long-term financial plans and be part of this global community forever, leaving the legacy of a more equitable and sustainable world.

Legacy gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • Bequest from a will or trust
  • Beneficiary on life insurance or retirement plans
  • Required minimum distributions
  • Transfers from a DAF 

David Siegel & Lainie Smith

"For Green Empowerment to have worked its way into our hearts… we know that the work that the organization does can truly last a lifetime and really make a difference with the communities. We want to see this continue for as long as possible, even after we are gone."

Celebrating 25 Years of Impact

With a $500,000 gift from a charitable remainder trust, one dedicated family inspired us to launch a planned giving campaign. Our goal is to grow the Legacy Circle to 25 members in 2023, to celebrate Green Empowerment’s 25th year of serving rural and indigenous communities across the world.

Thank you circle members:

- Francie & Michael Royce
- Robert & Dorothy Haley
- David Siegel & Lainie Smith
- Kathy Fry
- Alex & Andrea Johnson
- Erick Petersen

- Dick Benner & Lavinia Gordon

- Todd Holland


Legacy gifts carry a lot of weight, demonstrating the donor’s belief in Green Empowerment, the importance of our mission, and the true value of the work. It shows a level of trust and commitment that is unmatched in other avenues of giving.

The benefits to Green Empowerment are numerous. These contributions catalyze our work, allowing us to explore new partnerships, expand into new countries, invest in our programs and develop organizational reserves to ensure that our projects are supported, today and always. 

In recognition of their vital contributions, Legacy donors enjoy:

  • Detailed organizational updates.
  • Special in person and virtual events.
  • Unique opportunities to connect one-on-one with staff and board members. 
  • Invitations to attend exclusive project tours, where small groups of donors are accompanied by staff to visit in-country project locations, meet partner NGOs, and see the impact firsthand.


  • Involve your family and/or heirs in designing a vision for your legacy gifts
  • Talk to your financial and legal advisors
  • Contact Philanthropy Director Raven Walsh to ask any questions or to discuss designating your gift
  • Include simple bequest language in your Will or Trust, such as:
    I hereby give, devise, and bequeath $____ OR ____% of my total estate to Green Empowerment, a nonprofit organization located at 140 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97204, Federal Tax ID# 93-1230409, for Green Empowerment’s general use and purpose.
  • Complete beneficiary forms for gifts involving retirement plans or insurance products, including annuities
  • Let us know! Fill out this simple one-page form to let us know you are in the Legacy Circle and if we can celebrate you on our public roster.


Reuss Family

A young Margie and Henry with their children Anne, Jackie, Michael and Chris

Henry and Margaret Reuss

were Green Empowerment’s first Legacy supporters – leaving an endowment for our organization that allowed us to hire international program fellows, expand our work into new program countries and continues to power our projects today. Beyond their legacy contribution, Henry and Margaret epitomized the values of Green Empowerment in their daily lives. Henry was a U.S. Congressman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a vocal advocate for economic equity and a lover of the outdoors. He helped draft the legislation that created the Peace Corps, demonstrating his commitment to community empowerment and peace building around the world. Henry was also one of Green Empowerment’s first board members, serving alongside David Linder, Ben Linder’s father. Margaret was a social justice advocate and professor who supported local efforts to provide opportunities, resources and education to the poor and homeless in Washington, D.C. The Reuss’ values and commitment to making the world a better place are reflected in their children and grandchildren, including their son Michael Royce, Green Empowerment’s cherished founder. 

You can help build a more equitable world for future generations.


Contact our Philanthropy Director, Raven Walsh, to learn more about leaving a legacy with Green Empowerment.

[email protected]