Reuss Legacy Circle

For Generations To Come

Building clean water and energy solutions with rural and Indigenous communities will take decades — you can have an impact beyond your lifetime.

Add Green Empowerment to your estate plan, retirement plan or life insurance plan and connect with other supporters who have made this profound commitment to our organization. Legacy contributions catalyze our work, allowing us to explore new partnerships, expand into new countries, invest in our programs and develop organizational reserves to ensure that our projects are supported, today and always.


You can continue to build a better world and healthier planet by naming Green Empowerment in your will, trust or retirement account, and this important work will be part of your legacy.

Member Benefits

To Name a few

  • Invitation to participate in an annual Executive Director call
  • Invitation to an annual Legacy Circle appreciation event
  • Recognition on the Reuss Legacy Circle page, if desired
  • Opportunity to join Green Empowerment field staff on an annual project tour abroad (when tours resume)
  • Special event invitations, and more

Tax Exempt Gifts

Your Estate

Naming Green Empowerment in your estate plan means 100% of every dollar contributed builds a better and more sustainable future for people and our planet. As a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations to Green Empowerment are tax-exempt.

Contact Our Director

Contact Our Director

Contact our Philanthropy Director, Raven Walsh, to learn more about leaving a legacy with Green Empowerment. 


Thank you to the many individuals and families who have already made a lifelong commitment to our organization through the Reuss Legacy Circle. If you are interested in connecting with one of the circle members below to learn about their experience giving to Green Empowerment, please contact our Philanthropy Director, Raven Walsh.

  • Kathy Fry

  • Alex and Andrea Johnson

  • Erick Petersen

  • Francie and Michael Royce

  • Wendy Stickel


Reuss Family

A young Margie and Henry with their children Anne, Jackie, Michael and Chris

Henry and Margaret Reuss

were Green Empowerment’s first Legacy supporters – leaving an endowment for our organization that allowed us to hire international program fellows, expand our work into new program countries and continues to power our projects today. Beyond their legacy contribution, Henry and Margaret epitomized the values of Green Empowerment in their daily lives. Henry was a U.S. Congressman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a vocal advocate for economic equity and a lover of the outdoors. He helped draft the legislation that created the Peace Corps, demonstrating his commitment to community empowerment and peace building around the world. Henry was also one of Green Empowerment’s first board members, serving alongside David Linder, Ben Linder’s father. Margaret was a social justice advocate and professor who supported local efforts to provide opportunities, resources and education to the poor and homeless in Washington, D.C. The Reuss’ values and commitment to making the world a better place are reflected in their children and grandchildren, including their son Michael Royce, Green Empowerment’s cherished founder. 

You can help build a more equitable world for future generations.


Contact our Philanthropy Director, Raven Walsh, to learn more about leaving a legacy with Green Empowerment.

[email protected]