Water and the Pursuit of Peace

Written in collaboration with Laura Vicini, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment World Water Day 2024 invites us to reflect on the intricate relationship between water and peace. Inspired by the ...
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Ripples of Change: Establishing a Water Committee in Nyakabale

Written in collaboration with Alexis Cooley, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment The election of the water committee in Nyakabale, Uganda was set for the morning. At the agreed upon time, ...
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Advancing Gender Equality: Progress in Latin America’s Water & Sanitation Sector

“We women bring an enriching perspective to the environmental discussions, considering that we often have differentiated experiences in relation to environmental impacts." - Paola Moreno Bermúdez, Green Empowerment Colombia Program ...
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Working Together Across Ethnic Divisions

By: Sebastián Salgado Troya, Latin America Program Director, Green Empowerment Working for a shared goal is a powerful way to come together despite our differences. As we approach Christmas and ...
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Supportive Environments for Community Management to Thrive

By: Mica Miro, Engagement Manager, Green Empowerment Is it realistic for a water committee of local citizens to manage a water system in perpetuity without outside support? What if the ...
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Ancient Water Management Systems are the Cornerstone of Our New Sri Lanka Project

By: Logan Nagel, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment Our roots might be in the Pacific Northwest, but Green Empowerment’s history of involvement in international development stretches around the globe. In ...
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Weaving Networks of Knowledge: Exchange in Oaxaca, Mexico

What does an anti-colonial knowledge exchange look like? This concept was exemplified during a transformative 10-day knowledge exchange held in Oaxaca, Mexico. Facilitated by Green Empowerment, organized by Proyectos Para ...
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Tejiendo redes de saberes: Intercambio en Oaxaca, México

¿Cómo es un intercambio de conocimientos Sur-Sur? Este concepto quedó ejemplificado durante un intercambio transformador de conocimientos de 10 días celebrado en Oaxaca, México. El encuentro fue facilitado por Green ...
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60 Hertz Pilot: New Technology for Long Term Maintenance

by: Joaquin Viquez, Program Innovation Director Supporting Local Leaders Achieving a properly designed and built water infrastructure in a rural community is usually the easy part. Achieving long-term sustainability of ...
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Impact Expansion: Solar Water Pumping in Peru

As the world slowly emerges out of a two-year pandemic, it is clear we all still face urgent political, economic, and environmental challenges. The unsustainable production of oil is causing ...
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