Water System Design Series

The End is Unwritten: A Sneak Peek at Green Empowerment’s New Documentary

For the first time, Green Empowerment is producing a documentary that follows our work in real-time as we test our approach to water access in a region new to Green ...
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Ancient Water Management Systems are the Cornerstone of Our New Sri Lanka Project

By: Logan Nagel, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment Our roots might be in the Pacific Northwest, but Green Empowerment’s history of involvement in international development stretches around the globe. In ...
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Local Perspectives Lead to Long Term Success

In my last article, I laid out the reasons why the most obvious water source is often not the one that works. So how can we identify the best water ...
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Where’s the Water Source? Why the Obvious Solution Isn’t Always the One That Works

Getting safe, drinkable water to rural communities is more challenging than you think. In a previous article, I debunked the myths that boiling water was a safe solution and argued ...
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Think Boiling Water is a Safe Solution for Rural Communities? Think Again

Written by: Mohammad Pakravan, Ph.D., Green Empowerment Technical Program Manager Designing infrastructure services with last-mile communities is perhaps the most challenging process in international development. Not only does it require ...
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