Why Micro-Hydro?

By: Collin Thomas, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment Electricity is fundamental to functioning health care and economic opportunity. Yet, globally, it is estimated that over 700 million people lack access ...
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Converging Expertise: Our First Visit to Uganda

For the first time, Green Empowerment Team members converged in Uganda. This trip brought together expert staff from around the world to meet with potential partners, visit recently completed solar ...
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Saving Lives in the Dark?

By: Logan Nagel, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment How many of an average day’s tasks and to-dos would you have to miss, if you lost access to electricity? Now imagine ...
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Breaking the Ice: Renewable Energy Innovations

When we think of gaining reliable access to electricity, we often think about general lighting at first and the health benefits of displacing kerosene lanterns and diesel generators. But ask ...
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Energy in the Sustainable Chocolate Equation

When was the last time you indulged in a delicious, rich chocolate treat? Next time, we encourage you to check out the source of your dessert! Sustainable, high-quality cocoa takes ...
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The Power of Local Knowledge: Osbert Atwijukye’s Story

Meet Osbert Atwijukye, Green Empowerment’s Africa Program Director. Having grown up in a remote village in Western Uganda, Osbert is passionate about developing community empowerment projects to impact the lives ...
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Water Alliances in Colombia

“We must consider water management for peace building in our country, just as people have been victims of conflict, displacement and dispossession, water has also been a victim of conflict ...
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