Ripples of Change: Establishing a Water Committee in Nyakabale

Written in collaboration with Alexis Cooley, Associate Board Member, Green Empowerment The election of the water committee in Nyakabale, Uganda was set for the morning. At the agreed upon time, ...
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Ecuador to Uganda: What I want to bring back with me

By: Osbert Atiwjukye, Africa Program Director, Green Empowerment As Green Empowerment’s Africa Program Director, this November, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Ecuador to learn more about Green ...
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The End is Unwritten: A Sneak Peek at Green Empowerment’s New Documentary

For the first time, Green Empowerment is producing a documentary that follows our work in real-time as we test our approach to water access in a region new to Green ...
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Ultrasound Machine On: Energizing Healthcare in Uganda

The Challenge Imagine tending to 680 live births a year, operating a neonatal intensive care unit, serving 40,000 patients annually and doing it all with two hours of electricity a ...
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