Water Solutions Without Borders

"I believe that the best measure to avoid privatization [of potable water] is for water boards to take ownership of their system through training and education, so they can manage ...
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60 Hertz Pilot: New Technology for Long Term Maintenance

by: Joaquin Viquez, Program Innovation Director Supporting Local Leaders Achieving a properly designed and built water infrastructure in a rural community is usually the easy part. Achieving long-term sustainability of ...
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Impact Expansion: Solar Water Pumping in Peru

As the world slowly emerges out of a two-year pandemic, it is clear we all still face urgent political, economic, and environmental challenges. The unsustainable production of oil is causing ...
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Water For People: COVID-19 Relief in Northern Peru

After two years of battling COVID-19, it’s clear the pandemic has revealed we are long past due for a systemic healthcare readjustment. Many places around the world are still in ...
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Think Boiling Water is a Safe Solution for Rural Communities? Think Again

Written by: Mohammad Pakravan, Ph.D., Green Empowerment Technical Program Manager Designing infrastructure services with last-mile communities is perhaps the most challenging process in international development. Not only does it require ...
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SDG 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation: Bringing Global Goals to the Last Mile

Welcome to Green Empowerment’s UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series! The SDGs are a worldwide framework for creating a better and more sustainable future for all. So, how is Green ...
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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic: Virtual Capacity Building

When COVID-19 shut down Green Empowerment projects across Latin America, our staff and local partners were initially devastated. The renewable energy and clean water projects we were looking forward to ...
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After the Flood Along Rio Beni

Written by Elise Kittrell, Green Empowerment Technical Manager and Steve Meicke, Engineer and International Volunteer Nestled in the jungle of Rurrenabaque along the vast Rio Beni, live several indigenous communities. ...
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Bringing Clean Water to Maligue

Written by Elsa Frey, Green Empowerment Program Manager Green Empowerment is currently in the midst of a project to provide clean, potable water and hygiene and environmental education to improve ...
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Amid Conflict, Clean Water for Communities in Basilan: Project Update

By Jojo Fajardo, Green Empowerment Philippines Program Manager Access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are foundational to leading a healthy and productive life. Yet, 8 million Filipinos currently ...
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