More Reliable, More Efficient, More Local

“It doesn't seem right to know that there are still many villagers who can't escape poverty due to lack of education caused partly or fully by an inability to study ...
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20 Years of Partnership in The Philippines

Partnership is at the core of Green Empowerment’s mission. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are looking back on some of our longest-standing partnerships in the Philippines, lasting 20 ...
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SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals: Bringing Global Goals to the Last Mile

Together with local in-country partners, Green Empowerment brings sustainable development to the last mile. The UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 Partnership for Goals strengthens the means of implementation and ...
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Bringing Clean Water to Maligue

Written by Elsa Frey, Green Empowerment Program Manager Green Empowerment is currently in the midst of a project to provide clean, potable water and hygiene and environmental education to improve ...
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Amid Conflict, Clean Water for Communities in Basilan: Project Update

By Jojo Fajardo, Green Empowerment Philippines Program Manager Access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are foundational to leading a healthy and productive life. Yet, 8 million Filipinos currently ...
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GE Board Members Visit Projects in Asia

This post was written by Wendy Stickel, a member of the Green Empowerment Board of Directors, about a board member trip to the Philippines and Malaysian Borneo with Executive Director ...
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Green Empowerment’s Integrated Approach to WASH

Clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential for human survival and development. Unfortunately, across the globe, approximately 663 million people - 1 in 10 - lack access ...
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University of Idaho Students Spend Winter Break Performing Service with GE

From December 29th, 2016 to January 9th, 2017, three groups of college students from the University of Idaho traveled to three different developing countries to spend part of their winter ...
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Meet Our Partner: Amenah Lee “Tata” Singson Garcia

Community connections and leveraging local leadership are key to the success of Green Empowerment. Today we introduce you to Tata: a Barang Councilor, or village leader, in Maligue, Isabel City, ...
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