Partner Spotlight: Anne Lasimbang of PACOS Trust

Even as a young child, Anne Lasimbang spent time collecting funds from neighbors to support families in need as well as distributed information related to pertinent community matters in support ...
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A World Powered by Poop?

Written by Green Empowerment Technical Manager, Elise KittrellA world powered by poop. Poop you say? Gross, right? Well not for the RedBioLAC, a consortium of biogas practitioners in Latin America ...
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Bringing the Biodigester to Sabah

Written by Koto Kishida, Malaysia Program Manager and Gabe Wynn, Asia Regional Director In late August, Green Empowerment and our partners successfully brought biogas digester (BGD) technology to Sabah, Malaysia. ...
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From Waste to Wisdom – Strengthening Biodigester Practitioners in Southeast Asia: Project Update

In Borneo, the price of cooking gas (LPG) increased by 27% in 2017. For remote villages, the cost and difficulty of transporting bulky cylinders of gas from distribution centers make ...
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