2020 Andina at Home


Though we will not be sitting down together for a dinner in May, we want to bring a taste of Peru and stories of this vital work into your home.

A Letter from Doris:

To the Green Empowerment Family,

In these times of confusion and uncertainty across the globe, I hope we can find strength and courage by  remembering the good and the noble around us. By reflecting on the people I have known and the examples of goodness I have seen and continue to see, I remember the significance we each have for one another, and how deeply empowered each of us is in improving the lives of others. While we are not able to be together for dinner next month and a celebration of the remarkable work that Green Empowerment is doing we hope that you will still consider making a contribution to Green Empowerment to help them continue their important work in Peru, Latin America and across the globe.

…In Peru, food represents love and gratitude. When we hear that a guest is visiting our homes, we bring all our care, all our skills, all our pride to the task of making the most delicious meal, the most hospitable experience we can. This is the way we say thank you. This is the way we honor our connections.

…And as a token of that gratitude, I wanted to share with you the recipe for our classic cebiche, which is easy enough to make at home. I hope it brings the flavors of Peru into your home until we can gather as a family again here at Andina…

Read Doris’ full letter here!

Donate Adapted Andina Recipe Card Front Adapted Andina Recipe Card Back

#CebicheChallenge: Help us celebrate partnership and global connection!

  1. Make cebiche at home
  2. Post a photo or video of your ceviche on Facebook and/or Instagram
  3. Tag us @Green Empowerment AND include #CebicheChallenge

Andina Take Out

Many thanks to Andina owners Doris and John Platt for their years of continuous support. Thank you for believing in Green Empowerment and doing your part to ensure our projects around the world continue to grow and thrive.

In these trying times for restaurants we encourage you to support Andina and indulge a little with Andina Take Out.


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