RedBioLAC (Network of Biodigesters for Latin America and the Carribean) is a network that brings together institutions related to applied research and dissemination of anaerobic biodigestion. Its goal is to stimulate the comprehensive treatment and management of organic waste to improve the welfare of the rural peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. Biodigesters are enclosed systems that use organic waste from agricultural activities (mostly manure) to produce biogas (fuel) and biol (natural fertilizer) through the process of anaerobic digestion. For more information, visit


RedBioLAC was formed at the "Center for Demonstration and Training of Appropriate Technologies" conference in Cajamarca, Peru in May of 2009. Its mission is market creation and program development aimed at agricultural methane capture for use as a clean energy source and for greenhouse gas emission reductions. In addition, RedBioLAC promotes biodigesters for waste treatment, organic fertilizer generation to support rural agriculture, and for the improvement of rural standards of living. Green Empowerment is a founding member and still one of the main organizers of this network, continuing to participate in its activities and annual conferences.


To exchange information and experiences among the participating institutions in RedBioLAC, while identifying and overcoming technical, environmental, social, and economic barriers.

  • To propose projects, ideas, and mechanisms to disseminate biodigester technology in their regions.
  • To build partnerships that facilitate the adoption of biodigester technology.
  • To continue research and dissemination between partners (health, finance, politics, education, industry, and trade).
  • To promote the incorporation of other organizations, institutions and researchers in the field of biodigesters.
  • To promote actions that influence and impact policies related to biodigesters.


  • 2009 – Cajamarca, Peru
  • 2010 – EARTH Univeristy - San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 2011 – Puebla, Mexico
  • 2012 – Managua, Nicaragua
  • 2013 - Zamorano Agricultural University - Honduras