Green Empowerment provides technical, organizational, media, public relations, and financial support to local partner organizations.

International Partners


Border Green Energy Team (BGET), Mae Sot, Thailand GE Partner: 2005-Present

BGET provides hands-on appropriate technology training and financial support to village innovators in ethnic minority areas on both sides of the Thai/Burmese border. BGET works in four main service areas: local trainings for operators of Thai solar home systems; refugee camp renewable energy trainings; community micro-hydro construction and maintenance; and solar electricity construction and maintenance trainings for medical clinics on the Thai/Burmese border.



APROTEC Sucarsal-Villavicencio, Colombia GE Partner: 2008-Present

APROTEC specializes in developing renewable energy projects that use appropriate technology to supply energy within a framework that promotes social development and preserves the environment. They are a member of the "Network of Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean" (RedBioLAC) and are promoting biogas in Columbia as another source of renewable energy.


La Fundación Ecuatoriana de Tecnologia Apropriada (FEDETA) Quito, Ecuador GE Partner: 2007-Present

FEDETA is a non-profit institution that works for a world that is "socially more just, ecologically more healthy and technologically more humane." FEDETA’s programs include research projects, development, and application of renewable energy, agriculture and education. They have installed over 600 solar panels and 2 micro-hydro projects in remote areas of the Amazon. Green Empowerment is working with FEDETA to strengthen their national solar program and introduce solar water pumps to remote villages.


Escuela Agrícola Panamericana Zamorano Tegucigalpa, Honduras GE Partner: 2013-Present

El Zamorano provides an education in agriculture to over a thousand undergraduate students from all across Latin America. Green Empowerment worked with the university to host the 5th annual congress of the Laitn American Network for Biodigesters in 2013.



TONIBUNG Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia GE Partner: 2000-Present

Sabah-based Friends of Village Development or Tobpinai Ningkokoton Kobuburuon Kampung brings cost-effective resource management solutions to under-served rural indigenous communities in the Malaysian states. TONIBUNG was originally founded in 1991 to train relocated indigenous peoples struggling to adapt to unfamiliar agricultural circumstances. For the past 10 years, TONIBUNG has turned their attention towards rural electrification, focusing predominantly on micro-hydroelectric systems. TONIBUNG is currently seeking to build their capacity by empowering rural indigenous technicians, enabling them to design and implement renewable resource management schemes of their own. In 2013, TONIBUNG opened the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (C.R.E.A.T.E.), designed to be entrepreneurial and self-sustaining, and when fully-functioning will finance its activities through equipment sales, fee-for-service training, and a tariff system where communities pay for their electricity usage.



La Asociación de Trabajadores de Desarrollo Rural-Ben Linder Matagalpa, Nicaragua GE Partner: 1997-Present

The Association of Rural Development Workers-Ben Linder (ATDER-BL) has brought hydroelectricity to the region of Cua-Bocay and developed projects with communities in north central Nicaragua since 1987. It has protected four watersheds, and has conserved thousands of acres of forests alongside providing electricity and water to tens of thousands of residents. ATDER-BL is a group of approximately 35 activists, 6 staff and many citizens who have partnered with Green Empowerment to develop various renewable energy, rural development, and environmental projects over the last 20 years. Benjamin Linder, for whom ATDER-BL is named, was a mechanical engineer from Portland, OR who was killed by the Contras while working on micro-hydropower in Nicaragua.

  Asociación Fénix Managua, Nicaragua GE Partner: 2002-Present

AsoFénix is dedicated to the diffusion, development and application of renewable energy to address energy needs and protect the environment. They work closely with communities and local officials to build solar water pumps and electricity systems, solar ovens, micro-hydro projects and biogas digesters. In 2011, AsoFenix won awards both in the Water category and for Best Project in Nicaragua at the annual Energy Globe awards.



Soluciones Prácticas-ITDG Lima, Peru GE Partner: 2005-Present

Soluciones Prácticas-ITDG (ITDG) is committed to poverty reduction, environmental conservation and appropriate technology choice. With offices in seven Peruvian locales and a staff of approximately 150, ITDG has a long list of accomplishments including electrifying clinics, churches, schools and community centers; bringing wind energy to Andean communities; developing international renewable energy training courses; and developing 50 micro-hydro systems, earning them an Ashden Award in 2007.

  Desarrollo Sostenible En Accion (DESEA) Calca, Peru GE Partner: 2008-Present

DESEA supports comprehensive programs for household water treatment, community health, and economic development in Southern Peru. We are partnering with DESEA to bring potable water, hygiene and sanitation education, health assessments, and bi-weekly health clinics in three Accha Alta communities near the Sacred Valley, Cusco region. See a video about their work here.



YAMOG Mindanao, Philippines GE Partner: 2003-Present

Yamog is devoted to local training and capacity building for community committees that own, manage and run their micro hydro systems. They have worked with the communities of eastern Mindanao in the Philippines for over a decade, integrating community energy projects into potable water, irrigation, and environmental conservation measures. They also study the sociopolitical, economic and environmental situations of communities who are interested in renewable energy.

  Phillipines Center for Water and Sanitation (PCWS) Quezon City, Philippines GE Partner: 2011-Present

PCWS is a premier Filipino NGO working to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene through the use of renewable, locally manufactured appropriate technologies and community-based training. Since 1990 it has built the capacity of local governments, communities and NGOs to sustainably deliver clean, safe, and affordable drinking water in over 68 areas of the Philippines. In addition to technical assistance, PCWS also conducts research and advocacy, as a member of national and international NGO networks, on water and sanitation issues affecting marginalized populations in the Philippines and beyond.

  Wellspring of Science and Technology (SIBAT) Quezon City, Philippines GE Partner: 2005-Present

SIBAT pioneers development of community-based appropriate technology solutions in Philippine rural areas. Since 1984, they have installed micro-hydro electric plants , solar pumps, and wind turbines in various parts of the Philippines. As a complement to their renewable energy projects, they incorporate sustainable agriculture as a means to further improve the socio-economic conditions of poor communities. To boost agricultural productivity, their energy projects often support both production and post harvest machinery.

  Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc. (AIDFI) Bacolod, Philippines GE Partner: 2004-Present

AIDFI promotes organic agriculture, micro-enterprise, sustainable technologies, children's education and self-reliant community organizations in the Philippines. They design, manufacture, and install ram pumps to deliver water to villages of 20-100 households. For their success pioneering an original, efficient ram pump, they have won several international awards and consulting positions.

In 2011, AIDFI received The Ramon Magsaysay Award, often called the Nobel Prize of Asia. This honor came only months after AIDFI won the 2010 BBC World Challenge for showing the world how water can push itself uphill (no fuels needed)--watch their inspiring ram pump video.



blueEnergy Managua and Bluefields, Nicaragua GE Partner: 2008-2011

  EARTH University Guácimo, Limó, Costa Rica GE Partner: 2008-2013

Fundacion Solar Guatemala City, Guatemala GE Partner: 2000-2001

Fundacíon Natura Quito, Ecuador GE Partner: 2003-2006

Instituto Internacional de Recursos Renovables (IRRI-México) Mexico City, Mexico GE Partner: 2007-2012

Palang Thai Bangkok, Thailand GE Partner: 2003-2007

Partners of Community Organizers (PACOS) Sabah, Borneo GE Partner: 2001-2005; 2010-Present

UTA Foundation Sustander, Columbia GE Partner: 2012-2014